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Hello all and thank you for following Project Grapho! I’m not going to be updating this blog anymore but wanted to invite you to my current blog ! I update Psalms, testimonies, and other random writings on it quite often. Project Grapho has been fun over these couple years and thanks for following!

Matthew A. Reed

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(for Pastor B.)

Golden metal armor over the shoulders, great gift forged by the signature of God.
Shining bright with embedded holy fire, soldier for Christ, life is the battleground.
Destined to lead where many have failed, servant of grace, obedient until the end.
Out of the flock deemed the next leader, not easy the cause, standing alone often.
Passionate zeal on complete display, instructing the babes, collecting the lost.
Right in the eye, glory that burns so bright, every turn and twist reflects all the images.
Clothed, dressed and equipped for this hour, boldness comes when the righteous stand.
Endless miles traveled over the desolate places, one step at a time, faithful true son.
Positioning the troops, armed for battle, the truth purifies and sets the alignment.
Humility wrapped in honor are your days, atmosphere of love, all are swallowed whole.
Fighting for the cause year after year, abundance ahead great glorious harvest.
Once sentence is all that’s left, your my Pastor, Teacher, Mentor and Spiritual Father.


Matthew Reed

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A life

A life of meaning, a life of selfish living, the ultimate deception, the war for souls is on since the beginning. The beginning of it all, the start of the fall, cut thru the Masters heart. One decision that forever changed everything, true eternal implications not knowing the weight. One day, one moment, one choice, our lives. Million possibilities with only one outcome, impact a life, impact a city, change the nations, change your destiny with a single choice, the easiest of things cannot be accomplish. Tearing apart, self destruction, everything in pieces, the time of tears have ended and ceased. Hush now precious words are piling up, complaining and whining brings about judgement. Possibilities of beauty are fragile and mishandled, face the pain to be released and truly healed. Memories come and go, trapped and toucher, be still, be at ease, sit by the river of peace. Mistakes, mishaps and all indiscretions, are not the first choice, are not premeditated. Past cannot be changed but will be erased, time to let it go, time to lay it to rest. Take my will, have my life, it’s all given for you alone. Situations surround, wishing things were different, people of all nations wanting everything to change.

Matthew Reed

In the flames

In the flames there you stand, burdens cares and worries seep in unnoticed. Heat of the flames would consume many flesh, but you are sustained, there you stand. Glorious light that carries your feet, uplifting your soul, encountering the King. Unseen is open plainly to the True Master, on the knees for the nights, He was near. Unloading it all completely undone, rivers of tears are kept close to the heart. Asking for forgiveness that is always given, invited you are to sit at His feet. Revealing the Mysteries that are unknown to the masses, come and ask, and you shall surely see. To perceive in ways that is completely unnatural, know the things that has been transcribed, days will burn for the length, He will find you – in the mist.

Matthew Reed

Pieces flaking

Pieces flaking off into the atmosphere, breaking the burdens with an warm touch. Layers of cares that are attached, not made to live like this, not made to receive such things. White robes glowing in golden righteousness, appearance and value cannot be seen by the naked eye. Forward motion extended with all intent greatly, fix me, save me, I do not want my life. Cries of the heart the Master hears from the nations, victory is already given, rest is always in the present. Changing changes from bad to worse, come and kneel daughter by my feet. Much strength is released for all heavens children, you are not alone you will not be overtaken. Extreme shadows lurking all over the place, tune into the voice that releases life. Many wills with one great motive, he’s always the same wanting only death. Cut of the fold unlike all the rest, encounter The Father standing in your fire. Shout out aloud above all the pressure. Challenge the roars coming from the enemies tent. Voice you been given a voice that’s been released, what words will you be known by, what will we say? To and fro throughout all the earth, Gods searching for you, He’s always calling your name. Life is written by our daily choices. Choose life, choose me, I’ll show you the way.
Matthew A. Reed
Worship – Greeley


Fire is burning the inside parts consistently, your glory consumes my spirit completely.
Direction is found at the place of leading, peace that comes and overtakes the flesh.
Guiding light for the elect to follow, persevering thru hardships, taking unknown paths.
Hope is distributed against all the odds, unseen world dominates this temporal realm.
Spiritual truth triumphs all the natural ones, refining dark impurities thats been collected.
Alive is your presence despite all the shadows, comfort flows forth from you alone.
Bursting out, displayed for all to see publicly, revealing the truth, removing the veil.
Desires are aligned according to your will, self-centered living is never allowed again.
Streams of power providing inner strength, piercing all the aspects of our mortal being.
Flowing through the bones impacting our bodies, navigating the realm that is set before.
Trying trials devastating masses openly, uncomfortable directions, you shall lead me.
Small in stature is only the beginning, Master of portions, we are ingrafted in completely.

Matthew A. Reed

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Years of running all over the place, taking my position in the streets is what I deserve. Past actions pursue me where ever I go, time doesn’t heal any wounds or any of the scars. Correcting my wrongs is a task that’s impossible, not a man, not a person, not even a human being. Bruise and broken are the people that lay within my wake, hurting the multitudes, only hurting myself. Chance after chances has been given unto me, what will happen with this one placed in my hand? Light has been shed on the actions that I take, so much darkness, brokenness and shame, lets not talk about this anymore. In circles I go, same old vicious cycle, destroying my love ones, consuming me completely. Being molded and formed by the harsh true realities, being humble and meek is all a desperate man truly has left. Tapped on the shoulder by the true Lord and Master, a day of days not like the others. Implanting hope in my heart by the Father Himself, time to pursue the people of his very own heart. Journey that I’ve traveled many times before, pushing through the past, because His will has been known. Hurts, pains and questions pass any answer that I have, ignoring what in my face just to walk with my God.

Matthew A. Reed

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